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The Story of the Star

For the first time in 42 years, the Coldwell Banker logo is changing. It’s a significant moment in our legacy, and at Coldwell Banker Select, we are thrilled to have new branding that better reflects our core values as a company. The logo prominently features a star that stands for two very important things - that our agents are the stars of the real estate industry, and that like the North Star, we always guide you home.


Our agents are the stars of the real estate industry, and the numbers speak for themselves. Since our beginning over 114 years ago, Coldwell Banker has always been a driving force in the industry, with a strong commitment to ethics, innovation and education. Coldwell Banker Select, in business locally for over 45 years, has embraced those same philosophies and taken them even further. In the past decade alone, our agents have helped guide nearly 75,000 families buy and sell a home, selling over $12 billion in real estate during that same time. We are the all-star company in Oklahoma, and are proud to have that acknowledgment in our branding.


The star has another deeper and even more compelling meaning, which is the symbolic relationship to the North Star. For thousands of years people have gone on adventures, explorations and journeys, and the North Star has always been there to guide them along their way. And where do you want to go at the end of every journey you take? You want to go home. Just as the North Star has always done, so too has Coldwell Banker. For more than a century nationally, and more than 45 years locally, our agents have been guiding people home. It’s simply what we do best, and having that visual representation as part of our brand is incredibly fulfilling.


We are proud, excited, humbled and overjoyed to show you our new look - and we thank you for your continued trust in us as we constantly move forward in the real estate industry. We are committed to always providing you with excellent service as we guide you home.

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